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Crown Lengthening San Pedro

Crown lengthening involves recontouring or reshaping the gums and bone in order to improve a patient's oral health or appearance. This is useful for treating patients with gummy smile, in which the gums cover too much of the teeth. Our San Pedro crown lengthening expert can perform this procedure on a single tooth or several as necessary. Here is more about the benefits offered by crown lengthening and the steps involved in the procedure.

According to our San Pedro crown lengthening expert, this treatment has a host of different benefits for patients. For patients whose teeth are damaged by physical trauma, tooth decay or gum disease, crown lengthening is beneficial when used before full dental restoration. Patients preparing to receive dental crowns can also benefit from crown lengthening. This is because the procedure can increase the space between the crown and the jawbone that supports it, reducing chances of future damage to the patient's bone and gums by the crown. Finally, crown lengthening is used as a cosmetic dental procedure for patients suffering from gummy smile. After treatment from our dentist, these patients not only look better but also have a lower risk of gum disease.

San Pedro Crown Lengthening

In most cases, our expert in crown lengthening in San Pedro numbs the area where the procedure is being performed. If dental crowns are present, they are taken out and placed back in their locations after the procedure. The gums are carefully separated from the gums by cutting, giving the dentist access to the bone and tooth roots.

For some patients, a crown can be placed after only a small bit of gum tissue has been removed. However, our dentist may have to take out some bone from the surrounding area to accomplish this. This may be done with a variety of unique instruments.

After removing enough gum tissue, our dentist cleans the area and sutures the gums closed. There is an immediately visible difference in the visible length of treated teeth. Finally, bandages are placed by our expert in crown lengthening in San Pedro, who may prescribe medication for pain relief and an antimicrobial mouthwash for control of bacteria.

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