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Oral Surgeon San Pedro

Oral Surgeon San PedroOur oral surgeon is trained in the latest methods of diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions affecting the head, neck and mouth. In order to enter this field, an oral surgeon must complete dental school as well as four to six more years of specialized training. This qualifies our San Pedro oral surgeon to perform a wide range of treatments.

Treatments performed by our oral surgeon in San Pedro include:

•    Wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth extraction is often performed in order to prevent or treat common oral health issues brought on by impacted or ill-fitting wisdom teeth.

•    Dental Implants: These are increasingly popular alternatives to bridges and partial dentures, offering more convenience and easier maintenance.

•    TMJ: Also called temporomandibular joint disorder, this common jaw condition can make activities such as speaking and eating painful and difficult.

•    Misaligned Jaws: Correcting misalignment of the jaws improves chewing, digestion and appearance.

•    Cleft Lip and Palate: Fixing these deformities increases patients' confidence, giving them a better quality of life in many areas.

•    Tooth Extractions: Teeth that are badly damaged by trauma, bad growth or decay can be extracted for improved oral health and in preparation for dental implants, bridges or dentures.

•    Oral Cancer: When signs of oral cancer are caught early by our oral surgeon, patients are more likely to recover thanks to timely treatment.

•    Cosmetic Facial Surgery: A variety of cosmetic procedures can improve appearance and boost the confidence of consumers.

•    Sleep Apnea: This debilitating sleep disorder is increasingly being treated with oral appliances and soft tissue removal instead of with CPAP.

•    Apicoectomy: According to our our San Pedro oral surgeon, removal of infection after a failed root canal relieves pain and can eliminate the need for extraction.

San Pedro Oral Surgeon

Everything from emergency oral surgery to cosmetic procedures is available from our oral surgeon in San Pedro. With timely treatments such as those listed above for oral health conditions affecting appearance, functionality and comfort, patients enjoy a better quality of life and greater overall wellness. Patients with questions about treatments or oral health concerns can contact our oral surgeon for more information or to make an appointment.


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