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Preventive Pediatric Dentistry

Preventive Pediatric Dentistry

For both adults and children, prevention is the best policy for life-long oral health. At Total Family Dental Specialists, we use preventive dental treatments to ensure that your child comes to view a visit to the dentist as something to look forward to.

Preventive care allows us to treat young patients with minimally invasive dental services, and to develop trust between a new generation and their dentist. Whether this is your child’s first appointment, or to schedule their next exam and cleaning, contact our Torrance pediatric dentist today.

Fluoride Varnishes and Sealants

As they grow, it is essential for children to have their teeth treated with fluoride. This mineralizes the enamel of healthy teeth, helping to prevent decay. Fluoride treatment received through our practice helps to ensure that the proper amount is applied, preventing over-fluoridation, and keeping the teeth healthy.

Sealants are a thin layer of plastic applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars. Deep grooves in the molars make it difficult for children to properly remove food particles, and can lead to the growth of oral bacteria. To prevent decay, sealants are applied as a gel to the surface of the teeth, and then cured to create a hardened chewing surface. This treatment is ideally applied early, as teeth that have been filled cannot be sealed. 

Educating Your Child

Just as important as the preventive treatments your child receives is their at-home care. At Total Family Dental Specialists, we help your child understand the proper techniques for oral hygiene, as well as the importance of a healthy diet and the avoidance of negative habits. By creating effective hygiene routines early on, young patients are able to limit the amount of restorative care they receive later in life.

Gentle Exams and Cleanings

Our Torrance pediatric dentist provides routine care as gently as possible, maximizing your child’s comfort. Our chairside manner ensures that your child is comfortable asking any questions they may have about their care, and that parents are comfortable with their children in our care. Should patients be in need of additionally relaxation while visiting our office, we are able to provide safe sedation through nitrous oxide.

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 For dental care beginning as soon as your child’s first teeth grow in, contact Total Family Dental Specialists today. Our Torrance pediatric dentist provides dental care driven by prevention and education, helping them to achieve lifelong healthy smiles. 

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