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Tongue and Lip Tie Removal

Surgical Pediatric Dentistry in Torrance, CA

Oral health is important to the regular development of a child’s speech, as well as their ability to breast or bottle feed. At Total Family Dental Specialists, our Torrance pediatric dentists support clear speech and comfort for young patients through laser frenum removal.

If your child is experiencing tongue or lip ties that prevent them from normal oral function, contact our team at Total Family Dental Specialists today to schedule an exam and consultation.

Tongue and Lip Ties

The muscles of the lips and tongue are connected to the mouth by a strip of tissue known as the frenum. If this piece of tissue is too small, it tethers the tongue and lip too closely to the mouth, making it difficult for babies to latch when attempting to feed. Tongue and lip ties can lead to difficulties developing normal speech, as well as tongue thrusting and narrow jaw development.

Lip ties also create a gap in the upper teeth. While this gap can be corrected by orthodontic treatment, the continued existence of a lip tie will eventually cause the spacing to issue to reoccur. Removing this band of tissue from between teeth, and proper stretching during the healing process, supports best results after braces and prevents alignment relapse.

Laser Frenectomies

Total Family Dental Specialists offers frenectomies to alleviate the issues that arise from tongue and lip ties. This procedure removes these constricting tissues to promote better overall oral health

Our Torrance pediatric dentists use dental lasers when providing soft tissue treatments. Soft tissue lasers ensure that treatment is minimally invasive and as comfortable as possible for your child. Lasers use targeted beams of light to affect the treatment area and do not have a negative impact on surrounding tissue. The process of using the laser during the frenectomy procedure helps to shorten the time before soft tissue is entirely healed. This treatment also prevents the need for stitches and is well tolerated, compared to traditional dental tools.

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If your child is experiencing difficulties due to tongue or lip ties, contact our pediatric dentists at Total Family Dental Specialists today. We provide laser-assisted frenectomies for children throughout Torrance and the neighboring communities.

Or team is committed to preventive and restorative pediatric dentistry for new and existing patients. View our pediatric dentistry page to see more about the services we offer or call our office if you have questions about treatment.


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