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Sinus Augmentation San Pedro

Sinus Augmentation San PedroWhen a tooth is lost, the bone in the jaw can begin to deteriorate. As bone tissue is resorbed into the body, the jaw becomes thinner and more fragile. This can limit tooth replacement options since adequate bone tissue is critical for a successful dental implant procedure. However, restoring your smile with dental implants is still the healthiest choice for most patients. Our San Pedro sinus augmentation expert can help you determine if you are a candidate for dental implants or need a sinus augmentation procedure.

Sinus augmentation, which is sometimes called a sinus lift, is the process of raising the sinuses and augmenting the jawbone. You may be need a sinus augmentation if you are having dental implants placed in the upper jaw but have lost bone tissue. The procedure begins with anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Our expert in sinus augmentation in San Pedro will then make a small incision to provide access to the area of the jawbone. The sinus membrane is gently lifted to provide more space, and bone graft material is placed in the new space. The bone graft material can include your own bone, donor bone or synthetic bone materials.

San Pedro Sinus Augmentation

Once the graft is in place, it will stimulate bone formation, and your jawbone should become strong and healthy again. After the tissues have healed and incorporated the bone graft material, the implants will be able to be placed. Our San Pedro sinus augmentation expert can place a single dental implant with a porcelain crown to replace one missing tooth, or strategically place implants to support dental bridges or dentures and replace several missing teeth.

Once the implant has been placed, they will stimulate the jawbone, which helps it remain strong. Sinus augmentations have been found to increase the success of implant procedures. If you have lost bone density due to tooth loss, injury or periodontal disease, a sinus augmentation may be a good option that helps restore lost bone tissue and improve your dental implants results.

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