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Scaling and Root Planing San Pedro

Scaling and Root Planing San PedroScaling and root planing are useful procedures for preventing and treating gum disease. After having these procedures performed by our San Pedro scaling and root planing expert, patients may enjoy better health not only in the mouth but also throughout the body. Gum disease often responds to scaling and root planing whether it is in the early stages of gingivitis or the advanced stages of periodontal disease.

Scaling and root planing benefit gum disease sufferers in several ways. First, these procedures address gum pockets, which increase the risk of gum disease when they are more than 3 millimeters deep. The elimination of bacteria from these pockets reduces inflammation that would damage soft tissue and bone if left untreated. Among the eliminated bacteria are types that have been linked to heart and lung diseases in periodontitis sufferers. The removal of plaque and tartar from teeth also enhances the appearance of patients. Finally, bad breath often improves after treatment from our expert in scaling and root planing in San Pedro.

San Pedro Scaling and Root Planing

Before performing these procedures, our expert in scaling and root planing in San Pedro x-rays and visually examines the patient's mouth. The best treatment approach depends on the present condition of the gums. In cases of severe periodontitis, our dentist may use local anesthesia. Scaling involves using unique dental tools to remove tartar and plaque from the surfaces of each tooth's crown and root. Irrigation with antimicrobial solution is also commonly used to reduce bacteria. Root planing involves removing surface dentin and cementum, which contain large amounts of tartar, toxins and microorganisms. Afterwards, the tooth roots can more easily heal thanks to a smoother surface. Colonies of bacteria are also less likely to develop over time when the teeth have been cleaned and smoothed.

After performing these procedures, our San Pedro scaling and root planing expert may prescribe antibiotics for further reduction of irritation and enhancement of healing. At the next visit, our dentist checks the gums to confirm that they have healed properly, prescribing more treatments if necessary. For patients who have a high risk of gum disease or are currently suffering from the condition, scaling and root planing offers effective treatment and protection against future problems.

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