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Gum tissue can be damaged by aggressive brushing or dental trauma, or it can recede due to periodontal disease. Once the gum tissue is lost, the root of the tooth can be exposed, which increases the risk of tooth decay on the roots or can cause tooth sensitivity. If your gum tissue has been lost or damaged, our San Pedro gum grafting expert may recommend a gum graft.

A common periodontal procedure, gum grafting offers major benefits. Our expert in gum grafting in San Pedro encourages gum grafting as a way to improve gum health. Periodontal disease can quickly destroy gum tissue, so restoring that lost tissue is often one of the first steps to restoring gum health. Many patients often notice greater comfort after a gum graft. When the root of the tooth is exposed, the tooth itself can become extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Protecting the roots with a gum graft often restores comfort. In some cases, a gum graft may also be recommended alongside a bone graft for patients who are undergoing dental implant procedures. Gum grafts can also be performed for cosmetic reasons and can be performed to enhance the appearance and the health of the smile.

San Pedro Gum Grafting

If you are a candidate for a gum graft, you may have several treatment options. A free gingival graft is designed to enhance existing gum tissue. It uses donor tissue from the palate and relocates it to the affected area. Once the graft has been completed, both the palate and the gums will generally heal well. In some cases, our expert in gum grafting in San Pedro may instead recommend using medically processed donor tissue. This reduces healing time and pain since the patient’s palate is left intact. We can help you determine which process would be most appropriate for your needs.

Once our San Pedro gum grafting expert has completed the graft, we will provide you with specific after-care instructions that can promote healing and reduce your risk of complications. Maintaining good dental hygiene and using a gentle touch around the graft site is also important to the healing process. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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