Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease affects most people at least once in their lifetime. Should you be experiencing signs of gingival disease, the periodontist at Total Family Dental Specialists is prepared to help you restore the health of your gums, supporting beautiful, lasting dentition. 

The Dangers of Gum Disease

Most people will experience the first stage of gum disease, called gingivitis. In this early state of infection, effects are generally limited to swollen, reddened gums, and regular bleeding when brushing. With routine hygiene appointments and regular brushing and flossing, the damage caused by gingivitis can be reversed; however, if allowed to progress, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis are irreversible and can lead to the decay of jaw structure. These late stages of decay wear down the fibers that secure roots of the teeth to the jaw and can allow the teeth to shift position gradually. The bacteria in gum disease have also been linked to increasing the chance of heart disease and create pockets in the gum, leading to further infection. 

Periodontal Deep Cleanings

If you have experienced a lapse in dental hygiene and are experiencing the latter stages of gum disease, the deep cleanings available at Total Family Dental Specialists can help to eliminate tartar buildup and prepare your return to optimal dental health. Deep cleanings, also called scaling and root planing, involves scouring the surface of your tooth to remove tartar. Our periodontist will also polish your teeth, making it harder for bacteria to stick to their surface, and preventing recurring infections. 

Gum Grafting and Recontouring

For patients who have experienced advanced gum disease, removal of the pockets in the gums is recommended to prevent recurring infections. In order to prevent the removal of this tissue from affecting your tooth sensitivity, our periodontist also offers gum grafting treatments. Gum grafts allow our practice to treat patients with thin or weakened gums, restoring your ability to eat foods of high or low temperature.

At Total Family Dental Specialists, we are able to treat patients with “gummy” smiles, as well as those who have experienced gum loss. With gum recontouring, our periodontist is able to remove excess gum tissue, emphasizing the teeth in your smile. This procedure is also beneficial for those looking to add balance to their smile, removing tissue on one side of their smile to create symmetry.

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Whether you are in need of treatment for gum disease or are looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your smile, contact our periodontist at Total Family Dental Specialists today!

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