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Total Family Dental Specialists Endodontics 

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While modern dentistry has extensive options for restoration, it is always preferable to save the look and structure of your natural teeth. In an effort to help you do so, Total Family Dental Specialistsoffers our patients specialized endodontic treatment, dedicated to helping you eradicate tooth infection and save your teeth.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a field of dentistry concerned with restoring and maintaining the well-being of the pulp of the tooth. Damage can occur within the root canal with aggressive decay brought about by cavities, gum disease, and even fissures in the tooth. Dental pulp is highly vascular and, if damaged, can dehydrate and deaden the tooth. This will result in it losing all sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as making it brittle and susceptible to breakage should it be used to chew hard foods.

While dental infection can be prevented through effective oral hygiene routines, bacteria can still enter the pulp chamber via cavity or dental crack. To treat infected teeth, our in-house endodontist can perform root canal therapy. During this procedure, a small access hole is made behind the infected tooth. Specialized tools are then used to remove damaged pulp and thoroughly clean the pulp chamber. Once sterilized, the inner tooth is filled with a biocompatible material and sealed with a temporary filling. After the tooth has healed, patients return to Total Family Dental Specialists to have the tooth capped with a porcelain dental crown.

The Advantages of Specialty Care

While general dentists are qualified to perform root canal therapy, patients attending a trained endodontist receive care by an experienced professional with more than two years of specialized education. Endodontists allow us to stand by a higher success rate for endodontic procedures, and are able to perform more complex procedures like an apicoectomy.

Apicoectomies, or root–end fillings, are performed when previous root canal treatments have failed, and the root of the tooth has been compromised. With root-end fillings, we will remove the end of the tooth’s root, filling the space with biocompatible materials. This procedure provides you with another chance to salvage the natural structure of the tooth, reinforcing the strength of your jaw.

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If you have dental pain from infected tissue in the root canal, contact our endodontic specialist at Total Family Dental Specialists today. We are proud to provide patients with specialized treatment for long lasting dental health.

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