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Our pediatric dentist provides children and adolescents with a variety of age-tailored treatments. Pediatric dentistry is considered a form of specialization and requires up to three years of rigorous extra training beyond dental school. With these qualifications, our pediatric dentist in San Pedro offers both preventive and restorative care to local patients in these age groups. Here is more about how our pediatric dentist serves young patients.

Our pediatric dentist works to give children a comfortable atmosphere and avoid scaring them away from dental care. For example, our dentist is careful to avoid using words such as "inject" or "needle" because they might frighten certain patients. By giving children positive experiences in the dental office, our pediatric dentist improves their chances of enjoying better dental health throughout life.

San Pedro Pediatric Dentist

Our San Pedro pediatric dentist serves patients in many ways. For example, our dentist emphasizes the importance of dental health in a way that is easy for children to understand. This includes advice on everything from eating habits to daily dental hygiene. Because prevention is preferable, both parents and children are informed on ways to reduce the risk of future dental problems. In addition to advice, prevention is offered through dental sealants and fluoride treatments that cut risks of cavities.

Our dentist tracks the development of each patient's teeth, reducing the chances of developing dental problems. When problems have already begun, treatment can begin more quickly so that more intensive procedures can possibly be avoided. Children benefit from this by enjoying healthier teeth and a brighter smile, which improves their self-confidence at an important stage of development. If developmental problems appear, our San Pedro pediatric dentist may recommend certain interventions, such as mouth guards for children who grind their teeth and reconstructive surgery for those with jaw abnormalities.

Pediatric dental care is important for oral health and development in infants, children and teenagers. With help from our pediatric dentist in San Pedro, area families can fight back against tooth decay and maintain strong teeth that function well in every area of life. Finally, our pediatric dentist starts children on a positive path of excellent oral health that can serve them for a lifetime.

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