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The field of oral and maxillofacial surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures for treatment of dental health problems, repair of injuries and correction of cosmetic issues. In order to perform this specialized work, surgeons must undergo four to six years of rigorous training after medical school. According to our San Pedro oral surgery expert, the following procedures, conditions and treatments can be addressed by an experienced oral surgeon:

•    Dental Implants - These replace natural roots of teeth, providing a stable foundation for installation of removable or fixed teeth that can be made to match the patient's own teeth. The implanted teeth, usually made from titanium, can last for many years with proper care.

•    Misaligned Jaws - Correction of misaligned jaws can resolve a wide range of issues, including migraines, digestive problems, sinus ailments and headaches that follow meals.

•    Apicoectomy - This procedure involves opening gum tissue next to a tooth in order to inspect the bone underneath before removing tissue that is infected or inflamed. Afterwards, our San Pedro oral surgery expert also removes the end of the root.

•    Sleep Apnea - The interruptions in breathing experienced by sleep apnea sufferers can often be reduced or eliminated by jaw advancement, removal of soft tissues that collapse during sleep and use of oral appliances from an oral surgeon.

•    Oral Cancers - Our expert in oral surgery in San Pedro has an important role in oral cancer detection and treatment. Biopsies and tumor removal can both be performed by an oral surgeon.

•    Cosmetic Surgery - Undesired maxillofacial features caused by injury, disease or heredity can be corrected by our expert in oral surgery in San Pedro.

•    Cleft Lip and Palate - These birth defects involve visible deformation of the lip and mouth and can be corrected with oral surgery.

•    Tooth Extraction - Extraction is sometimes the best option for teeth that are damaged or impacted. In the case of wisdom teeth, extraction may be performed to prevent future impaction.

•    TMJ and Other Facial Pain - Jaw problems can result in pain upon chewing or talking. Known as temporomandibular joint disorder, this can be corrected through surgery.

San Pedro Oral Surgery

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