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When a tooth root is severely damaged or decayed, patients may need root canal retreatment. This procedure involves removing the packing material and crown, cleaning the root canal and adding new packing and a new crown to the tooth. In most cases, root canal retreatment is more effective than extraction for saving a root canal as long as the patient has intact bone support and healthy gums. Alternative treatments, such as bridgework and dental implants, are more expensive than root canal retreatment. According to our San Pedro root canal expert, retreatment also entails less maintenance over time compared to the alternatives because the body can maintain real teeth on its own.

Although some patients may not be eager to have more root canal work performed, the procedure is not complicated. In fact, only one to three visits is required for completion. Our expert in root canal in San Pedro says that root canal retreatment may become necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

•    Narrow or curved canals that were not addressed by the first root canal
•    New cavities in the tooth
•    Invasion of the restorative structure by saliva
•    Complicated canal structure that had not been addressed before
•    Breakage in the tooth
•    Restorative devices not placed quickly enough
•    Leakage of filling material from a crown

San Pedro Root Canal

Before retreatment begins, our San Pedro root canal expert applies local anesthetic or another form of anesthesia. After protecting the tooth with a rubber dam, the dentist takes out the crown and post if they are present. With an ultrasonic handpiece, the dentist loosens and removes obstructions and filling material. Finally, the dentist performs cleaning and reshaping of the root canals before applying medicated packing. Any additional cleaning is performed at a subsequent visit, and the total time necessary for retreatment depends on the amount of inflammation involved.

Once the root canals are confirmed as clean by our expert in root canal in San Pedro, the space is packed with gutta-percha to guard against bacterial contamination. The tooth receives a temporary filling or crown. Finally, the permanent crown is applied at another visit.

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